We're Coming Back, Thanks.

Chris put together this edit of the footage I shot of him riding the Kamloops Bike Ranch. The Bike Ranch is a super fun spot that you can ride free and offers shuttles to the top for two bucks. Their dirt jump set up is actually way better than what I expected. I definitely want to go back.

This is the first video i’ve done out of the footage me and Chris shot on our bike trip in BC. Fade to Black was just added to the bike park at the end of last summer and it is a ridiculously fun trail. Super flowy with a bit of tech. We decided to film Fade to Black since it is relatively new and hasn’t been filmed as much as the rest of the bike park. Music is High School Roaches by Bass Drum of Death.

Me and Chris suck at getting stuff done. Here is a whole two clips from Hinton! Surprisingly the jumps were actually pretty well built and they had one trail ‘Flow Master’ that was super fun (except in the rain….). If anyone who enjoys riding moutain bikes reads this (if anybody at all reads this) I suggest checking the place out if you don’t want to be heading all the way west into BC.

The results of a rainy trip to the Hinton Bike Park. It rained on and off so we only got to film a few small clips when there was breaks in the rain. They will be uploaded asap!

Here’s the homemade dolly me and Graham built.

Here’s the homemade dolly me and Graham built.

Here is a very short test video we made to try out our new homemade dolly. It worked surprisingly well for how easy it was to make. Messed around with colour correction too.


So I suppose this is the beginning of a blog created by myself and Chris Schofield. Just another medium to hash out videos that we create and impose them upon interweb users. I’ll probably post other cool shit that I find on the interweb too, not sure about Chris though… So Chris recently got his 550d and we just finished building a dolly, which should hopefully make for some better quality edits and what not. I will post our test video next. This is odd. Don’t think I’ll talk like this again.

- Graham